How to use PowerShell for Data Manipulations

Manipulations with Data is a pretty broad topic which covers multiple disciplines.

In these blog post series, we will look into typical steps of Data Manipulations and see how we can leverage and apply PowerShell for individual phases.

Each and every phase of Data Manipulations will be covered in a separate blog post.

Here is a high level overview of the steps and short summary about them:

  1. Data Retrieval: retrieve data from a variety of sources such as databases, files, and web services. Leverage PowerShell to execute SQL queries, parse log files, or scrape data from web pages.
  2. Data Processing: perform various data processing tasks such as filtering, sorting, and grouping. Leverage PowerShell to manipulate data in a flexible and efficient way.
  3. Data Transformation: transform data from one format to another, such as converting CSV files to XML or JSON. Leverage PowerShell for string manipulation, regular expressions, and date/time formatting.
  4. Data Analysis: analyze data by performing calculations, aggregations, and statistical analysis. Leverage PowerShell integration with tools such as Excel and Power BI to generate charts and graphs.
  5. Data Visualization:  create visualizations of data using tools such as Microsoft Chart Controls or PowerShell Universal Dashboard, Leverage PowerShell to communicate insights and trends to stakeholders.
  6. Data Export: export data to a variety of formats such as CSV, XML, or JSON. Leverage PowerShell to send data to other systems or services, such as sending data to a REST API or a messaging queue.
  7. Data Management: automate data management tasks such as backup and restore operations, data migration, and data archiving. Leverage PowerShell to manage security and permissions for data stored in various systems.

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