About Me

Have you ever been wondering why specific tool or product
works in some way but not another? I mean not just understand all of the parameters and keys but also dive into the context.

Put yourself in author’s shoes and wrap your head around his design, limitations and goals…

My name is Andy Svintsitsky. I am working in IT since 2012. I started as helpdesk technician who evolved into Unified Communication SME and eventually moved into Cyber Security realm.
During my journey I’ve got acquainted with Powershell back in 2013 (during my MS Exchange server mastering times).
Since them I am fond of this tool and try to learn/understand and most importantly apply it in my day to day work.
The purpose of this blog is to share my passion with other IT-crazy(in a good way) people. I will be posting information about all IT related stuff which I found interesting and worth sharing.
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