PowerShell Gallery Prior Day Statistics – 12/26/2021

Hi there! This is my daily post re Powershell Gallery statistics for the prior day.

There were 5 (4 new releases and 1 new modules) modules published on 12/26/2021.

4 new modules versions published:

Author ModuleName Version PublishedDate
Sam Boutros AZSBTools 1.231.117 12/26/2021 02:24:17
SpringComp Pwsh-Profile 1.0.8030 12/26/2021 12:14:07
Jan Rezab <[email protected]> IntunePSToolbox 12/26/2021 18:03:48
Jan De Dobbeleer oh-my-posh 6.41.0 12/26/2021 18:50:36

1 new modules:

Author ModuleName Version PublishedDate
Didier Folly Analyth.PowerShell 0.0.5 12/26/2021 20:17:02

Source code for getting statistics from the Powershell Gallery can be found here.

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