Powershell Gallery Prior Day Statistics – 05/05/2019

Hi there! This is my daily post re Powershell Gallery statistics for the prior day.

There were 9 modules published on 05/05/19.

9 new modules versions:

Nerdy Mishka Michael HerndonGz-ChocolateySync0.1.505/05/2019 00:02:36
Oliver LiOctopusEnergy-Helpers2.0.1305/05/2019 13:49:34
Dr. John TunnicliffePublishDacPac1.0.2.320205/05/2019 17:40:27
alascoop-completion0.0.405/05/2019 18:25:19
Justin SiderClarityPS0.3.005/05/2019 20:22:37
Justin SiderReportCardPS0.0.1205/05/2019 20:34:51
Eric C. Singer and Jason Woernerecs.wsus1.1.005/05/2019 21:03:16
Eric C. SingerECS.All2.3.005/05/2019 21:04:16
eXpamdFrameworkXpandPosh1.12.205/05/2019 23:43:10

Source code for getting statistics from the Powershell Gallery can be found here.

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