Powershell Gallery Prior Day Statistics – 03/23/2019

Hi there! This is my daily post re Powershell Gallery statistics for the prior day.

There were 19 modules published on 3/23/2019.

Nerdy Mishka Michael HerndonGz-ResolveTemplate0.1.003/23/2019 02:51:21
Nerdy Mishka Michael HerndonGz-ProtectData0.1.003/23/2019 02:51:46
Nerdy Mishka Michael HerndonGz-Yaml0.1.003/23/2019 02:52:16
Josh IrwinAzureDevOpsMgmt0.3.1903.1903/23/2019 04:07:29
Nick Coxcd-extras1.503/23/2019 05:20:54
CHRISAWSLogin0.2019032303/23/2019 06:51:16
CHRISOktaLogin0.2019032303/23/2019 06:53:57
Oliver Lipkau PsIni3.0.003/23/2019 10:21:54
Adrian.AnderssonPoshbot.Democracy1.1.003/23/2019 11:21:55
Claude DébieuxFormsBuilder1.0.103/23/2019 11:29:49
Pester TeamPester4.7.303/23/2019 12:50:45
Joseph WarrenVSCodeBackup0.1.703/23/2019 14:09:42
Andy DLPPSDokuWiki2.2.703/23/2019 15:19:15
eXpamdFrameworkXpandPosh1.4.103/23/2019 15:30:51
Kirill NikolaevResourceLocker1.1.003/23/2019 18:26:04
Kirill NikolaevSimpleTextLogger1.1.003/23/2019 18:50:01
Dr. John TunnicliffePublishDacPac1.0.2.290303/23/2019 19:12:24
Chrissy LeMairedbatools0.9.79503/23/2019 20:16:53
Mike GarveyDsReg1.0.003/23/2019 21:16:20

Source code for getting statistics from the Powershell Gallery can be found here.

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