Powershell Gallery Prior Day Statistics – 02/28/2019

Hi there! This is my daily post re Powershell Gallery statistics for the prior day.

There were 15 modules published on 2/28/2019.

Evan Lock <[email protected]>PSElastic1.0.12/28/2019 1:49
Chad MilesCMAWS0.7.3.12/28/2019 6:10
Dillon HansenRunSpace-Manager12/28/2019 6:46
Brandon OlinPoshBot0.11.52/28/2019 6:53
J?r?me Bezet-TorresFreeNas12/28/2019 8:52
James O’NeillMsftGraph12/28/2019 15:31
Dustin SchreiberDUST1.4.12/28/2019 16:00
eXpamdFrameworkXpandPosh1.0.302/28/2019 17:10
Microsoft CorporationAccessControlDSC1.3.0.02/28/2019 19:16
Microsoft CorporationAz.Sql1.4.02/28/2019 19:43
Sam BoutrosAZSBTools1.147.1012/28/2019 20:18
St?phane van GulickPSClassUtils2.5.02/28/2019 20:45
Sean McGovernAllegis1.0.42/28/2019 21:03
Kevin BlumenfeldPosh3650.9.4.42/28/2019 21:22
Ryan KleebergerPOPSCrmTools0.0.42/28/2019 21:48

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